Getting Started

Kicking this off with some thank you’s

From Marc:

I wasn’t totally on board with this trip when Maggie first mentioned the idea a few years ago. Traveling around the world for a year or two- it seemed unrealistic, at least for someone my age who was in the middle of a career and looking towards settling down and having kids, as is expected of people our age.

Don’t get me wrong. As a geography major I have always been interested in the world, how everything is interconnected, how places came to be the way that they are and what effects them. I’ve traveled for work, mostly around my home country, and I’ve done trips overseas for two or three weeks at a time, but I never thought I could actually travel long term.

Yet now, just a few months away from our departure, I couldn’t be more excited and couldn’t be more certain that this trip is exactly what I need right now. Thinking back I can’t remember when exactly the transition from dreaming about it occasionally to full-steam-ahead occurred. What I do remember, however, is all those who helped along the way, sharing their excitement through words of encouragement or by setting the example.

Thank you to our families, who didn’t think we were horrible people for wanting to travel instead of buying a house and settling down. They supported us in our decision and not once thought we were giving up on our careers, or would never be able to reestablish ourselves once we returned.  There’s our friends who have all been so excited for us, many of which expressed interest to meet up with us while we are in the middle of our travels. This would certainly make things a lot easier, as one of the hardest parts of traveling is missing your friends and family while also wanting to share some of the moments with them.

A special shout out to our bosses as well. My boss was surprisingly understanding and had no hard feelings for me wanting to quit and relinquish my roll, he even offered me a job if I choose to come back when (and if) I eventually return. Maggie’s bosses helped encourage her to follow her dreams and passions, and have been an instrumental part in making our trip happen as they allow her to work with location independence.

Then there’s my soul mate Maggie, who is responsible for dreaming up all this to begin with. While I’ve always had the desire to travel to far flung destinations, I’ve also lacked the confidence and wherewithal to do so in the past. A year or two of travel seemed like a stretch at first, but Maggie’s endless excitement for this journey, eventually infected me with the same enthusiasm.

She’s the ultimate teammate and is so confident in this plan that it’s hard not to be completely on board. The only problem now is that I might be more impatient than she is, counting down until the time finally arrives.

From Maggie:

Aww, he called me soul mate 😀

I think Marc covered it!  Big thanks to the house of abandoned pets for taking care of Snickers while we’re on the road (AKA my Mom & Dad).  Also thank you to our neighbor Sue in Concord for taking care of BumBum while we’re away.  Thanks to Mom & Dad Mckinnie as well for their enthusiasm for our plan, I know it’s hard having Marc so far away from you guys, hopefully this website and our family trips will make up for us moving even farther away for awhile!

I also want to take the time to thank Kathy & Rich and all my coworkers at Real Wealth Network.  Like a lot of companies, we have a “mission statement” and “core values”.  I think to a lot of bosses, those ideas are just nice, empty marketing words that are thrown around in staff meetings, but that don’t really mean anything in the actual operations of a company… or if they do, they rarely extend and relate to the benefit of the employees rather than the companies profit objectives.  Luckily for me, that’s not the case with Kathy & Rich.  They have been beyond supportive of my dream from the beginning.  When I first brought it up over a year ago, there was no negative hesitation or nervous discussion of all the things that could wrong, just genuine excitement for such a big dream, followed by countless conversations and emails about all the logistics and their expectations so we can make this a win-win for everyone.

I also want to thank all our friends and family, the hardest part about this trip for me will be being so far away from you guys (and my Snicker dog).  Fortunately I’ll be back every few months between legs of this journey, so I’m planning lots of trips back to Oakland, Red Bluff, LA & hopefully even Seattle!  Looking forward to catching up when we can, hopefully I’ll even see a few of you out there on our trip… (Seriously, if you have any trips planned or want to meet up, let us know! Adventures and memories are better with friends!  I’ll have to work during the day, but there is plenty of time in the evening, weekends and holidays!)

Finally, a mushy thank you to my man!  Marc Mckinnie, none of this would be possible without your hours of research, attention to detail and just willingness to deal with my sporadic train of thought. I’ve been a stress-case, worry-wort the past few months leading up to this trip and you always calm me down just by letting me vent. I can’t believe it is all actually coming together after the hours we’ve spent discussing this. I’m drunk in love with you, lets go!