RTW Trip

The Big Plan: Around the World Trip

This is our big plan. Extended travel around the world for two to three years, potentially longer.

Marc is taking a break in his career after working hard and saving for many years. He had the opportunity to continue as a consultant for his previous company Frontline Energy Services, remotely for a few hours each week at the start of the journey, but is now relaxing and traveling using his savings alone.

Maggie (who is notoriously not that great at saving money…) loves what she does and has had the opportunity to work remotely and continue her role at Real Wealth Network. Her only work stipulation is that she has to come back to the states every few months for special events and company wide planning meetings.

The main purpose of this site is to help our family and friends follow us along and as a way for us to keep a record of our trip. Watch as our map expands as we slowly make our way around the world.  You can also enjoy a selection of photos and essays detailing some of our past travels.


Some of the frequently asked questions about our trip. We try to answer some of the most common questions about our trip. We will continue to add to it as our trip progresses. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything in particular you want to ask that we haven’t covered. We’ll do our best to answer, but will often admit we don’t even know sometimes.

Our Route

A map and itinerary showing our tentative destinations. This is our plan, but our plan is also to not have a plan. So it is very much a basic structure for our trip, we are going to let the details take care of themselves. If we fall in love with a particular place, nothing is stopping us from staying there longer. If a place doesn’t quite fit our style or what we were looking for, there’s nothing to say we can’t ditch it and head someplace else.

Planning Our Trip

Resources to help you plan your own trip. Includes how we got things like our mail, banking, and data plans organized. You can also see what we packed, and some inspiration for our travels.

RTW Blog

The chronicles of our trip around the world. Marc’s the photographer, who enjoys blogging about geography and politics. Maggie’s the writer, who focuses on documenting what it’s like to work remotely and travel with a full time job.  She’s also the official selfie taker of the trip and likes to talk about street art, food and the people we meet along the way. Together we hope to give you a glimpse into our trip and what life is like for us in all these different countries.