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A little bit about ourselves:

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty.Daniel Burnham

Our plan is to travel the world for at least a year, hopefully longer. After saving for the past few years, Marc plans on taking a break from his career.  Maggie on the other hand is horrible at saving, (but also likes her job and wants to continue working) so she’ll be continuing her current position but will begin working remotely.

Where we are from

Where we have been

From Marc

Hello, my name is Marc and I am a geographer, activist, and photographer. Born in 1985 in the city of Detroit and growing up outside of Cleveland I empathize with underdogs, misfits and malcontents of all stripes.

I attended college at The Ohio State University and earned degrees in both Geography and Urban & Regional Planning. My education led me into the combined fields of aviation and geospatial science. My office could be found inside of various aircraft mapping states & territories, surveying critical infrastructure and performing disaster response missions. I ended up getting to know many regions of the country, both on the ground while going out to explore in the evenings and from high above while working during the day. Following about five years on the road (or in the sky) I found myself in the San Francisco Bay Area being recruited to build my own team and manage the day to day operations. I decided to give it a shot and settled down for a bit in Oakland. I have definitely enjoyed it, meeting some of my best friends and of course my travel partner.

Now after 10+ years of building a successful career I am taking a break to instead do what I had always dreamed of doing but never thought was actually possible. I am now off to travel the world, long-term, completely unrestricted and open to whatever new possibilities await. I’m off to wander.

From Maggie

I think our friends and family are probably the only ones reading this… in which case, you guys already know me.

Just in case we somehow become insta-famous with Marc’s photography and Rick Steves wants to be friends with us, here’s a little more information about myself.

My name is Maggie, I was born in Santa Cruz but grew up a in a small town in Northern California called Red Bluff.  I studied Art History at UC Santa Barbara and moved to the Bay Area after graduating.  At that time, I was looking for any job to pay rent and landed a part time administrative assistant position for a small real estate company that I found on craigslist.  It was suppose to be a temporary gig, but that was 7 years ago and the company (and my position in it) has grown a lot since then.  I have no intention of moving on at this point or taking a break from my job while I travel.  Everything I do is online and most of my coworkers work remotely from different places around the US, so I started talking with my bosses about 2 years ago to see if they would be ok with me traveling internationally full time while maintaining my current position.  They are two of the most down to earth people I know and are totally on board with me trying this whole thing out, as long as I can maintain my current responsibilities and come back every few months for special meetings and company events, they are cool with it!

I used to write about street art and murals around the Bay Area, but stopped a few years ago.  I’ll probably start that back up, as well as talk about what it’s like working and traveling full time.

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