Roatan, Honduras

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The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.Jacques Cousteau

April 16-26

The beautiful Caribbean island of Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras offers some of the world’s best SCUBA diving. The island is surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef, with awesome walls and reefs, with many sites accessible from shore.



Before getting there though, the last leg of our flight from Peru was delayed by a day due to passing storms. We ended up having to spend the night in San Pedro de Sula, the economic powerhouse of Honduras located on the mainland and one time murder capital of the world (since passed by Caracas, Venezuela). We were able to use our travel insurance to find a nice boutique hotel to spend the night and pass the unexpected delay, having a surprisingly enjoyable time along with some excellent food. The next day we would head back to the airport and hop on our quick 30 minute flight for Roatan, where after the storm that caused the delay had passed, we were blessed with perfect weather for the entire duration of our stay.



Roatan is the largest and most populated of the Bay Islands, and is about 40 miles long with a central ridge running along its length. It is mountainous and covered in lush tropical vegetation. Residents are friendly and welcome visitors, and pride themselves on their conservation efforts that do a remarkable job preserving the natural beauty and the abundant wildlife on the island.



Maggie already had her Open Water PADI, so I decided it would be the perfect place to get mine. Most of my time on the island was spent in the water, completing 10 total dives and all my necessary training. We lucked out being invited to the dive shop anniversary party since I was earning my certificate at the same time.



We enjoyed going out and a catamaran as we traveled between beaches, eating great food and enjoying plenty of beverages near shore. Roatan is a place would love to visit again, for it’s laid back atmosphere, affordable prices, and of course beautiful reef and coastline.



This would wrap up our time in Latin America where we spent the last 7 months, from the mountains of Colombia to the rainforest of Peru, the peaceful islands of the Galapagos to the beaches of Mexico, and everywhere in between.




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