Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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In this big ball of people, I’m just one grain of sand on this beach.Aurora

December 2-8 & 14-20 2017


The Yucatan was by far the most touristic area we visited in Mexic, compared to Chiapas, Oaxaca, and even Mexico City. I had been to Cancun before so I knew a little bit about what to expect.



This time we visited the cities of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Bacalar, with an overnight in Chetumal returning from our road trip to Guatemala.



Each spot provided a different vibe. Playa del Carmen was the most touristy, with many resorts and a long strip of white sand beaches running the length of the city. The water was warm and fairly smooth, although you lost the sun in late afternoon as the beaches face east.



The highlight was visiting one of the many cenotes in the area. Here we were able to snorkel around in various pools found within caves, watching bats above and fish down below.



Tulum was a mix of a traditional Mexican town and a strip of beach catering to vacationers. The town had a very hipster vibe, with cafes, vegan restaurants, and boutiques. We enjoyed the beaches here the most out of the one’s we experienced in the Yucatan, especially the large waves and dense palm trees that lined the beach.



The highlight of Tulum was visting the maya ruin located right on the water. Well not nearly as authentic or expansive as Tulum, it provided a very picturesque setting and a good way to spend the afternoon. No pyramids, as it was mainly built as a seaport with watchtowers to protect the area.



Bacalar was our favorite spot and besides Chetumal, the most off the beaten path. It sits on a lagoon known as the Lake of Seven Colors, due to the greens and blues seen as the sun shines off the water. The lagoon is fed by cenotes which we enjoyed touring one day on a small boat tour around the lake.



Lastly, we spent a night in Chetumal, located on the Guatemala/Mexico border. It is the capital of the Quintana Roo and features various monuments as many capital cities do. It was quick visit as we mainly used it as a resting point on our trip from Guatemala before heading to Bacalar.



That wrapped up our visit to Mexico, but we will surely be heading back. There is so much to see in the large and diverse country. Next we headed back to the States to spend Christmas with family in South Carolina.



To start the new year we’ll be heading to Panama City before making our way to Colombia to spend a couple of months in one of our most anticipated destinations.



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