Panama City, Panama

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Every time I hit Panama, the place is exactly one month, two months, six months more nowhere, like the course of a degenerative illness. A shift from arithmetical to geometrical progression seems to have occurred.William S. Burroughs

December 28 2017-January 3 2018

Following a wonderful Christmas holiday back in Greenville with my family, we headed for a quick 5 day stay in Panama, making our way to Colombia.



It was our last destination of 2017 and first of 2018 as we spent the New Year holiday there. The streets filled with fireworks as lights and sounds bounced and echoed off the buildings. Checking the weather conditions, so many fireworks were going off that smoke was being reported.



The highlight was seeing the Panama Canal, connecting two of the great oceans and giving Panama the nickname ‘Bridge of the World’. It is an engineering marvel and we were surprised how much we enjoyed watching the giant ships pass by.



We also went on a hike in the nearby jungle, easily accessible from the city, where we saw sloths, tarantulas and many other creatures.



An interesting city with a mix of old and new, rundown and modern. Panama City is home to many skyscrapers, the most in the Americas behind only New York and Chicago and ahead of places like Toronto and Miami.



Not our favorite city, as the streets seemed kind of run down with not a lot happening, meanwhile priavte residential and banking towers with imposing gates dominated the area. A lot of the towers you could tell were unoccupied and simply used as a place for people to park their money due to Panama’s lax tax laws.



The area of most interest was a small historical area known as Casco Viejo, it still remains much of its colonial architecture, although it was a relatively small area in comparison to most Latin American cities.



It was still worth a quick visit though. Seeing the canal made it more than worth it for us, and it made a good stop over to break up the journey to South America.



From Panama, we headed for our next destination, spending the next month traveling around Colombia.



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