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All cities are mad, but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful, but the beauty is grim.Christopher Morley

January 3-19 2018

Medellin was our first stop during our travels through Colombia. We spent 3 weeks and quickly settled into the livable Laureles neighborhood, away from the tourist and party scene found in the more well known Poblado district.



Infamous as the home of Pablo Escobar, the city has transformed from one of the most dangerous places in the world to one of the most desirable large city in Latin America. A ground up city planning effort has put the focus on the most disadvantaged areas, focusing to improve the areas that needed it most through extensive public transportation, community centers, parks, and libraries.



Some of the favelas that would be considered slums in other parts of the world, have become decent places to live and safe to wander around during the day, taking in incredible views of the surrounding Andes.



The cities other famous resident, the artist Fernando Botero, has left his mark with his bronze, larger than life, people and figures which can be spotted throughout the city.



The nickname, City of the Eternal Spring, was given due to Medellin’s comfortable spring like weather, with daily brief showers in the afternoon, warm temperatures during the day, and cool nights year round.



It was a great introduction to Colombia before heading north to the small mountain town of Minca and then the colonial caribbean town of Cartagena.




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