Lisbon & Sintra, Portugal

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The train slows down, it’s the Cais do Sodré. I arrived to Lisbon, but not to a conclusion.Fernando Pessoa

Photos: Lisbon / Sintra

June 20-July 3 2017

It has been a minute since my last post, so in order to catch up I’m going to keep the next few fairly short. I may revisit in the future and add more, but other wise I guess it’s a good thing that we are keeping busy with our travels (and Maggie’s work) with little downtime to blog. I’ve always been more interested in showcasing my photos anyway, as opposed to writing.



Anyway, we left Spain after a month and took a short flight from Malaga to the capital of Portugal. We were excited to be staying in Lisbon for a couple of weeks, before heading north to Porto for a couple of weeks as well. We had heard good things about Portugal from others and were looking forward to discovering what the country offered.



What we found was fascinating history, amazing food, and wonderful people. Lisbon is actually the oldest city in Western Europe, full of historic sites and points of interest. I enjoyed wandering the many neighborhoods of the city while Maggie worked at various workspaces and coffee shops in the area.



During one of our weekends there we took a trip to Sintras, hiking to the colorful Pena Palace as well as the historic Castle of the Moors, where we scaled the forts stone walls. Another fascinating place that we visited while in Sintra was the Quinta da Regaleira estate, full of gardens, paths, and caves with secret entrances. The coolest feature of the estate was the Initiation Well, a deep well with spiraling stairs that lead you into various caves and passages.



The highlight of our time in Lisbon was probably celebrating and dancing in the street until early in the morning, taking part in the festivities that surround St. Anthony’s Day. We also really enjoyed the hip and trendy culture that seems to be exploding throughout the town, as old warehouses and crumbling buildings are converted into social spaces, coffee shops, work spaces, and art studios.



Suffice to say, Portugal lived up to the hype so far, with the best still yet to come. Without further ado, below are some pictures of beautiful Lisbon and Sintra. Next up is the charming city of Porto





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