Mallorca, Spain

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June 7-12 2017

Leaving Barcelona, we took a short flight to the Balearic Island of Mallorca, where we spent the next 6 days celebrating Maggie’s 31st birthday.



We arrived in the islands largest city and capital, Palma, picked up our scooter that we reserved, and headed a couple of hours southeast to the coast. We stayed away from the islands resorts, popular with Germans and other Europeans, and instead stayed in the small coastal town of Cala Llombards, isolated, but with the most beautiful beaches on the island. Here we rented a large beach home along with 5 friends who came to visit and celebrate with us.



We would spend our days at several beaches, Calo des Moro and Cala S’almunia which were just steps from our house, as well as Cala Llombards which was just a short drive away. Our evenings and nights were spent hanging out on our large balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, drinking and playing games well into the night. For dinner, we would take short drives to the larger nearby towns of Santanyi, Cala Figuera, and Es Llombards, or visit the grocery store and make dinner ourselves as home. We spent our time relaxing, partying, and hanging out with friends- much needed, especially for Maggie who finally decided to take some time off from her work.



The water was warm, clear, and had many beautiful shades of blue. Some of the beaches were rocky, while others offered a fine sand to lay in. A lot of the beaches were lined with cliffs, many of them with small caves that we would float out to and explore. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but Mallorca was a paradise, and Maggie felt so lucky to be able to spend her birthday there and with the company of good friends.



Following our time in Mallorca, we said goodbye to our friends and scootered back to Palma, catching our next flight to the Andalusian city of Granada.




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