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Our Around the World Trip Packing Lists

Below you will find a list of and some photos of everything we packed for our around-the-world trip. Since we’ll be returning home every 3 to 6 months we will have the opportunity to add or subtract things as needed, but for our first few months this is what we have. We’ll update as we add things we find we really wish we had or remove things we realized we don’t really need. Both of our packs are able to be carried on aircraft.


His Packing List

Approximately 16 lbs in a 40 liter front loading backpack

8 5 pairs of socks
7 5 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of pants
4 t-shirts
1 2 short sleeve polos
1 long sleeve button up
2 long sleeve shirts
3 1 under shirt
1 fleece
1 rain jacket
1 leather jacket (not pictured)
1 ultra light down jacket
1 swim suit
1 pair shorts
1 pair gym shorts for sleeping/lounging
1 2 pair shoes (not pictured)
1 pair sandals (not pictured)
1 belt

1 Dell XPS 13 laptop & charger
1 iPhone 6 & charger
1 travel adapter
3 Moment iPhone camera lenses
external hard-drive
external battery pack
beard trimmer

Other Gear
prescription sunglasses
microfiber towels
3 packing cubes (not pictured)
toiletries & medicine
passport & copies of documents
ziplock bags
travel lock


Her Packing List

Approximately 25 lbs in a 50 liter top loading backpack

1 leather jacket
1 sweatshirt
1 ultra light down jacket
4 2 cardigans
8 4 tank tops
3 T shirts
2 1 pairs of jeans
1 pair of shorts
2 1 pairs of leggings
2 1 maxi dresses
1 regular dress
1 knee length skirt
1 maxi skirt
10 6 pairs of underwear
4 2 pairs of shoes
2 bras
5 3 pairs of socks
1 scarf
2 wash rags
1 belt

Google Nexus 5x Project Fi phone
iPhone 5s 7 & charger
iPad & charger
MacBook Air & charger
portable battery

Other Gear
assorted jewelry
1 canvas bag
toiletries & medicine
2 small purses
3 packing cubes
passport & copies of documents

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  • Andrea J Mckinnie October 28, 2016 at 4:08 am Reply

    No mention of PJ’s…..lol….nothing like snuggling up with your true love to keep you warm.

  • julia Pike December 4, 2016 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Showing Grandma Pike your beautiful site…hugs and love.

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