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Around the World Travel Destinations

Our first few months starting in Buenos Aires are all set, but otherwise the itinerary below is ordered in what we feel is the best route order based on weather, diversity and the things we’d like to see. We wanted to make sure we built in a lot of flexibility to our plans since we have never done long term traveling like this before. There is nothing stopping us from staying in one place longer or going somewhere not presently listed. We will update the outline during our travels best we can, completed and current legs are marked with an asterik.

Currently we have mapped out at least 8 different legs during our trip, lasting around 3 months each. This will allow us to easily change the order around if we choose, while still having a general outline of the regions we most want to visit. It also allows for Maggie to participate in work events and and retreats back in California for a couple weeks at a time each quarter.

Update 4/11/17: 6 months in and it looks like things are going better then expected, especially budget wise, so we will likley be able to add some additional legs to places like South Africa, New Zealand, or wherever else we decide. A road trip across the States isn’t out of the question either.

*Leg 1 - South America

Argentina Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls
Brazil Rio de Janeiro & Ilha Grande
Chile Santiago/Valparaiso & Atacama Desert
plus a few days in Lima and a week (Marc) in Mexico City on the way back to California

*Leg 2 - East Asia

Hong Kong
Japan Tokyo
South Korea Seoul

*Leg 3 - Western Europe

France Provence & Cote d’Azur
Spain San Sebastian, Barcelona, Mallorca & Andalusia
Portugal Lisbon & Porto
United Kingdom London
plus a month (Marc) traveling the Balkans and a visit to Istanbul before flying back to California.

*Leg 4 - Central/South America

Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras
Colombia Medellin, Caribbean Coast and the Coffee Triangle
Ecuador & Peru Machu Picchu
Bolivia and/or back to Brazil?

Leg 5 - Central Europe

Germany Berlin & Bavaria
Slovenia and trips into Austria & Hungary
Italy Tuscany & Sicily

Leg 6 - Eastern Europe

Turkey and/or Georgia?

Leg 7 - Southeast Asia

Thailand with trips to Cambodia & Laos

Leg 8 - South/Southeast Asia

Indonesia Bali and Sulawesi
India Goa and/or Kerala
Sri Lanka

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