Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Nov '09-Feb '10

Ponce is the second biggest city on the island of Puerto Rico after San Juan. It is located on the southern shore on the Caribbean sea, where as San Juan sits on thenorthern shore on the Atlantic Ocean.



The town has very little tourism, being more of an industrial port city. It still had tons of beautiful and colorful architecture, as well as lots of good food. It is an easy day trip from San Juan and worth checking out to see how the working class on the island lives.



Some of the highlights to check out when visiting include the Parque de Bombas, a red and black stripped original fire house that provides a lot of historic insight, the Cathedral of Our Lady Guadeloupe, dating back to 1670 it was damaged numerous times by fire and earthquakes but still stands, and the Plaza of Delights, the main town square of the city with many vendors and people taking a break after school or work.



Ponce is very pretty place and worth just strolling around taking in the scenery, it’s filled with unique architecture known as Ponce Creole, which was invented in the city, and found predominently in homes built betwen 1870 and 1910. It’s a very different place then the tourist congested streets of Old San Juan or the highrises one finds throughout San Juan’s business districts. Truly a different side to the Island of Enchantment.




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