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You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is definitely born in you.Rosie Perez

Nov '09-Feb '10

Puerto Rico, a semi-autonomous, internally self-governing U.S. territory, is an extraordinary island, an area smaller than Connecticut, mostly mountainous, with some 300 miles of coastline scalloped by soft sand beaches and lagoons easing into warm tropical water. Inland, rolling coastal plains rise abruptly into the Cordillera Central, a densely forested mountain range running parallel to the island’s length and creating an unusual mix of climatic zones and ecosystems. Some of the oldest, most historically significant architecture in the Americas can be found in Puerto Rico.



I had the opportunity to spend four months on the island of Puerto Rico for work, mapping the entire island. I spent from November 2009 until February 2010 on the island, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and other local festivals and holidays taking place during that time. It seemed like the people were having a party and celebrating something every week that he was there. Below are some of his favorite pictures of the island, capturing some of the local scenes and culture. The other posts in the series go into more detail about some of the areas he visited.



It is highly recommended for those who want an affordble vacation without the hassle of visas or a lot of the other barriers that may prevent United States citizens from international travel. It is a highly overlooked part of the Caribbean and allows for you to experience what life is really like living there as most areas, outside Old San Juan have hardly been touched by mass tourism.




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